Rates 2024

Camping and Hopman Verniel Lodge

Accommodation fee per person per night € 5,56*
Day fee (visitors/participants activities) per person per day € 2,01
Hopman Verniel Lodge rent per night/day € 111,60
Deposit per rent € 210,00
Gas consumption per m3 € 1,50
Electricity consumption per kWh € 0,60
Administration fee per settlement € 6,00
Shower coin per coin € 0,80

* Accommodation costs are a sum of € 4,02 accommodation costs and € 1,54 tourist tax
* Tents and boats are included in the accommodation costs
* Per night is a maximum period of 24 hours
In case of earlier arrival, later departure or longer use, an extra day will be charged
* When staying in the Hopman Verniel Lodge, at least 15 persons per night are due accommodation costs
The tourist tax will be calculated on the actual number of people present
* When renting the Hopman Verniel Lodge per day, the daily rate applies to those present
* These rates only apply for the year 2024. Price adjustments are reserved for subsequent years
* Prices include the applicable VAT rate
* Payment is made in euros (€) and only by card
* In case of delayed payment, an additional € 10,00 will be charged