Reservations: what you need to know.

All reservations, including last-minute ones, must be made via the website, even if there has been contact with the reservation desk or the camp manager on duty by e-mail or telephone. This way, all the necessary data is received correctly.

Do you want to reserve the HV lodge or (a part of) one campsite?

  • Choose the accommodation.
  • Select the days of arrival and departure. Not all days are always available when booking online, please enter the nearest permitted arrival and departure day, and indicate the desired arrival and departure day in the comments section.  The maximum camp duration is 14 days.
  • If you book part of a site (field 1, 2, 5, 8), please indicate your preference for (N or Z) at preferred unit.
  • Under “Group”, enter the amounts of persons per age category.
  • Under Other data / Membership you can select the rate group used for the cost calculation. In case of no choice (No membership), the Scouting rate group is applied. The rate for Zeeuwse Scouting organizations applies only to local ones in Zeeland.
  • It’s best not to use the option of the verification code for returning guests, because that doesn’t work well if you’re in a slightly different position now than you did last time.
  • Fill in your details and any comments in the Notes field.
  • At Private or Business, you choose Business if the reservation is for a Scouting organization (or a part thereof) that comes to carry out scouting activities in an organic context, such as a camp, a game, a training or similar. If it’s something else, like any group of individual members and their families, on vacation or for a few days out, then it’s Private. After all for the Scout Centre, Scouting is our “business”.
  • In case of Business, you enter the group name and possibly that of the relevant sub unit(s) as Organization name.  We need to be able to find both the group and the sub unit(s) on the internet as a Scouting organization. If that doesn’t work or if it’s unclear, you can expect a question from us to explain it.
  • In the case of Private, the organization name is not visible and you enter the name of the group of which you are a member under “Naam Scoutinggroep indien Particulier” (name Scouting group if Private).
  • For Membership you enter the name of the (national) Scouting organization of which you are a member.
  • Lidnummer = membership number Scouting
  • Groepsnummer = group number Scouting
  • For “groeps- or privé-activiteit” = group or private activity, choose group if the reservation is from a Scouting organization that comes to carry out scouting activities in an organic context, such as a camp, a game, a training. So if it’s not such an activity, then you choose private! Indeed for verification: group almost always means Business, and private is usually equal to Private.
  • The reservation desk may ask for a scan or printout of a proof of membership and/or of registration with your scouting organization. On arrival, the camp manager can also ask you to show this!
  • The reservation can be made.
  • The amount of the advance payment is indicative and will be determined definitively by us in the confirmation.
  • You will then receive the reservation confirmation from us with the final numbers and the cost calculation, the camp regulations and the reservation conditions.

For individual Scouting campers, their families, and similar groups of scouting members:

  • A reservation for the summer period can only be submitted after May 1st of that year.
  • Up to 2 months for the camp reservations can be made only for one of the small fields (1/2, 3, 4, HH and Ei).

Do you want to reserve the HV lodge and/or more campsites?


  • Make separate reservations for the HV lodge and/or the camp sites (or parts thereof), with the number of people per separate reservation.
  • In the notes section enter that these reservations belong together. number of people and indicate your preference for the / the campsite(s).
  • We will combine these reservations into one, so-called group reservation.
Questions about a reservation?

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